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Under 3000 Bags Custom Print Info

POST PRINT - Paper or plastic bags are taken from our inventory and MANUALLY printed. Used for product quantities below 3000 pieces. 1 OR 2 Colors on 1 or 2 sides. When printing 2 colors, the distance can vary +/- 3/8" between each color. If you have a question about your artwork, please discuss your your sales person.

HOT STAMPING – Coated Paper, plastic or vinyl bags that cannot accept ink are taken from our inventory and MANUALLY Hot Stamped. Used for product quantities below 3000 pieces. Multiple colors available on 1 or 2 sides. Less restriction on distance between colors. We do not recommend HOT STAMPING one color over another or 'tight' registration. If you have a question about your artwork, please discuss with your sales person.

STANDARD PLASTIC and PAPER BAG COLORS are shown on our website. Please visit the product pages for info and swatches.

Custom PMS Ink match available for $50.00 per color. To provide our customers the best possible printed products, we recommend when providing artwork for HOT STAMP AND POST PRINT BAGS:

  • Artwork must be line art. No shading or half tones and 1 color art works best
  • If you must have 2 color art, please note that you must have at least 3/8" separation between colors
  • All artwork must be provided in Digital Art - .PDF, .EPS and .AI files work best.
  • Printing a solid or continuous border around artwork often cause air to become trapped between the layers of the paper bag or plastic bag and creates a break in the border when the air bubble is forced out by the printing plate.
  • If a border or frame is preferred, we would recommend a non-continuous border or box around the a
  • Any border or frame on a paper shopping bag must be non-continuous.
  • Our customers expect a Quality Print from Bags On The Net. Reverses, Heavy Ink Coverage, Screens and Solid Blocks are almost impossible to produce in view of our quality standards. Discuss your printing questions with your Bags On The Net sales person.

Our goal is to provide the best possible print for our customers. In printing, “ what you see is what you get". That means if the artwork looks jagged or the edges are not sharp and well defined, your printed image will look jagged or blurry.

Email digital files to: artwork@bagsonthenet.com Once we receive your artwork files and your purchase order, we will send you an electronic proof, (.PDF) for your approval. Sign, date and fax back the proof to 631 589 2567. YOUR ORDER CANNOT BE PROCESSED UNTIL WE RECEIVE YOUR SIGNED PROOF.