The lawn can make or break an impression as it enhances or destroys the curb appeal. And one of the ways to make your lawn appear healthy and green is to make sure that the grass or turf is healthy. This is one of the most important maintenance that every homeowner needs to do for their lawn and backyard.

Most of the people think about fertilizers and good soil, there is also one essential that makes the turf or grass healthy — good irrigation. While you might think that good irrigation is simple, the truth is more on the contrary; there are many problems and issues that are needed to resolve before you can finally say you have provided your lawn the irrigation it needs. Having a sprinkler can also help you achieve this. Sprinkler repair Boca Raton FL, and other services can provide you the help that you need when it comes to providing your lawn the irrigation system that is convenient and automatic. You do not need to consistently water your lawn four times a week as this sprinkler system will give you the convenience.

The following are the principles of turfgrass irrigation:

1.The amount of water to apply

The amount of water depends on the soil and its water-holding capacity as well as the amount of moisture that is present when the irrigation will start and the drainage of the irrigation system.

Furthermore, the water-holding capacity of the soil depends on what kind of soil you have in your lawn. There are soil types such as clay loams and loams that are good in holding and retaining water, while sands have the low water-holding capacity. The ability of the soil to hold water is important for the roots to be wetted and drink water for the plants’ or turf’s nutrients. However, it is also not good to overwater your soil as it leads to turf’s death.

2.The frequency of irrigation

The frequency of watering depends on several factors such as climatic conditions, soil’s physical properties, wind movements, humidity, temperature, and the type of grass you have in your lawn.

One of the most common mistakes done by homeowners that result in their turfs to die is when they frequent irrigation, which means watering the lawn too often. This will lead the turf’s roots too drowned and eventually, they will wilt.

Watering frequently may be needed for turfs’ seeds that are still growing. They need to be watered at least four times a week to let them grow maturely.

3.The manner of irrigation

The water needs to be applied slowly so it can be absorbed by the soil. Again, the ability of the plants to absorb water depends on several factors such as soil properties, climate, etc. This is where the sprinkler system of irrigation is very helpful in mating the appropriate amount of water in your lawn with convenience and control consistency.

Final Thoughts

In summary, water irrigation is not simple, as it requires a lot of intricate processes such as how the irrigation needs to be done and the amount of water you need to provide to your grass. This is where a good system of irrigation like the sprinkler will be able to make the job easy.