Why Trees Can Make You Happier

There are important reasons why trees exist, and their contributions to everything that surrounds them are inexhaustible. They are the most ancient living things that exist today, and they have been here even before the first species began to live.

They give us air, food, and shelter — all but the most essentials to life. And there is no wonder why having them around gives a sense of authenticity, beauty, creativity, and kindness. Even science recognize how important and magnificent trees are in protecting our environment by taking in carbon dioxide that is harmful to the environment, as well as holding the soil with their roots to avoid flood and erosion during earthquake and calamities.

When you have trees in your lawn and backyard, give a sense of appreciation and tend to their needs. In fact, there are reputable companies that share the same dream in providing care to trees like the tree service Yonkers. They know how maintaining trees is essential to these beautiful creatures and a responsibility that humans need to do.

Trees and Our Physical Health

Besides the air that allows us to breathe, scientists have also proven that spending a short amount of time in a forest can help boost our immune system. In one study, the researchers found out that senior patients who had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease had experienced decreases in granzyme B expressions and perforin as well as decreased pro-inflammatory cytokines — which are all linked to better immune function. This is due to the aromatic compounds that both plants and trees release.

Aside from the immune system, plants and trees provide a better function on lowering the blood pressure, pulse rates, cortisol levels (which induce stress), and sympathetic nervous system activity while at the same time increasing the parasympathetic nervous system that induces relaxation. These, all, contribute to better health in the heart and cardiovascular system and functions.

In one study, they found out that residents in New York who live near trees have better overall health than those who live in grassy areas.

Trees and Our Mental Health

Recent studies are focused on how trees provide benefits to our mental health such as a decrease in stress,, anxiety, and rumination. This research has been conducted in forests and human participants.

In a study done with 585 young adult Japanese, they found out that these young adults had improved mood after walking for up to 15 minutes in the forest. They are reported to have less hostility, anxiety, confusion, depressive symptoms, fatigue, and are reported to have more vigor. Furthermore, another study found out that people who live near trees had better amygdala integrity that related to brain structure and stressors.

There are even studies that show how frequent exposure to trees and greens can enhance a person’s well-being to the point that he/she becomes kinder and more helpful. While the reasons behind all of these behavioral, physical, and mental improvements are still yet to be elaborated, the results of the research and testimonies of the participants are enough evidence of how trees make our lives better. Next time you see some trees on the corner of the road, or in the forest, it is time to ponder on how many things these living things provide to us.